Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions

What does Talent Bee do?

Talent Bee Consulting is a platform for a managed team of professional recruiters, who have the hiring expertise in specific industries. Our recruiters work as an extension of the internal hiring team, helping organisations leverage their employer brand and build a sustainable talent pipeline. We help clients with sourcing strategies, recruitment campaigns and candidate experience management.

Who are Talent Bee’s recruiters?

Our recruiters are hiring specialists in a particular industry. They are carefully chosen after multiple rounds of assessments for their skills and domain knowledge.The average years of experience is 12 years.

Why should I choose Talent Bee for recruitment?

Normally, you have two options when it comes to recruitment. Either you build your own internal recruitment team or you outsource it to an agency. We bring you a combination of both - the alignment and accountability of an internal team and flexibility and cost effectiveness of an agency. With Talent Bee, you get an internal recruitment team which is cost effective but accountable and performance driven - every day of the month

What kind of industries do you serve?

We have domain expertise across industries, since that’s how we built our team. We serve IT, BPO, Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Services etc and across lateral / bulk hiring.

How do you ensure that the recruiter does a good job?

We review recruiter performance on a daily basis. A comprehensive performance report is shared with the client every day, with details of sourcing, pipeline and shortlists done. We do a 3 tier assessment of each profile, before it is shared with the client. Tier 1 includes basic screening, skill tests and video interviews of candidate. Level 2, where they will be interviewed by the recruiter. Those shortlisted by the recruiter will go to level 3, where the Operations Manager checks for the quality, relevance and credibility of the profiles.

Can you provide more than one recruiter?

Ofcourse, we can provide you with multiple recruiters, each with a unique area of expertise, if you want it that way.

How do you ensure good recruiters work for us?

We have a very stringent process of hiring recruiters. They go through multiple rounds of assessments, including on-job assessments. All our recruiters come with a specialisation in a particular industry. They all have years of corporate experience in management and recruitment.

What happens if we are not happy with the recruiter?

We make sure that we do a proper monitoring of recruiter performance on a daily basis. There would be daily report sent to you by the recruiter. If you are unhappy with the recruiter at any stage, we would be happy to replace with another recruiter. If, at any stage, you are not happy to continue, you get a full refund. No questions asked.

When do we pay you?

You pay us once we sign an agreement, before the recruiter starts working with you. If the assignment is for more than a month, we raise an invoice on 25th of each month and you will pay us before the end of the month.

What if I am unable to hire within the timeframe?

We do an assessment of your requirements and tell you the time needed to hire, based on the roles and vacancies. If, however, you are unable to hire due to your internal reasons, we will have to be paid. But, we are happy to provide you with a special discount when you are ready to start again.

How are you different from normal recruitment agency?

The major difference is that you have a dedicated resource working with you, like an extension of your own team. We use your employer brand, you get access to 100% of the talent pipeline. Based on the kind of hiring that you do, you will save significantly. It’s a sustainable hiring solution for you.

How is it different from having my own internal recruitment team?

You have better control, accountability when you outsource hiring to us. We are on our toes every day, since you can stop the engagement any time, if you feel that our recruiter is not meeting your expectation. Moreover, the recruiter is backed up by a team of Managers, Researchers and Campaign Managers. All that would be additional cost, if you were to employ them internally.